Tooth Gem

Tooth Gem with Bombshell Beauty and Tattoo

At Bombshell Beauty and Tattoo, we're all about helping you express your unique style and personality innovatively. And what's more unique than adorning your smile with a touch of sparkle? We're excited to introduce our latest offering - Tooth Gems. These tiny jewels are bonded securely to your tooth's enamel, adding an unexpected sparkle to your grin. Our gems are incredibly durable, and they can be worn safely for an extended period with the correct bonding techniques. Whether you prefer the subtle shimmer of a crystal or the whimsical charm of an opal moon gem, we have options to fit every aesthetic. Our application process is fun and easy, ensuring a comfortable experience. We also offer ombre brows and microblading. To learn more about our services, contact Bombshell Beauty and Tattoo today!